Augmented Reality on packaging

Skip – Unilever

The liquid soap brand Skip recently launched its new formula with the particularity of having to inform its consumers how to use the new concentrated dose of the product. To complement the traditional wash guide format, they decided to create an immersive experience that is accessed by scanning the QR of the Skip package with a cell phone camera.

For this campaign a Web VR content was recreated, virtually transporting the consumer to a typical laundromat displaying Skip’s branding and 360°. By walking through the space with a cell phone, customers can participate in a raffle to win a washing machine or a free year of laundry and also discover the economic, ecological and practical benefits of this new formula. During the virtual tour a dynamic step-by-step approach unfolds that teaches you how to prepare the dilution.

Client Unilever
Solution Web VR

Try the experience by clicking in the image below using your mobile: