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Telefónica Movistar

Web 360 + AR

Customer service

In order to improve customer services, CamOn and Telefónica joined forces to develop Augmented Reality experiences. Through a regional agreement that includes Argentina, Chile and Colombia, interactive Web AR and Web 360 content was created that can be accessed through websites and QR codes.

The project seeks to enable the millions of Movistar users in the region to receive instructions and recommendations of the company services and products through Augmented Reality. The goal is to facilitate the self-management and installation of home devices in an innovative, agile and effective way.

All cases contain a 360 virtual welcome space, where, with a click, the product or service to be consulted is selected. Then, Movistar customers access the company’s instructions and can visualize the devices in Augmented Reality to follow specific indications, through 3D models with a high level of realism.

Some of the solutions included in the experience are:

  • Guides for the installation and configuration of modems and set-top boxes.
  • Tutorials on cybersecurity, internet speed and Movistar TV.
  • Tutorials for the use of My Movistar App.

The potential of customer services with immersive technologies is shown in a recent IDC study, according to which, customer service will lead the investment in Augmented Reality, reaching 4 billion dollars in 2024.

For many years CamOn and Telefónica have been pioneers in developing Augmented Reality experiences for customer service, constantly expanding and improving the solutions they provide to consumers.

We invite you to live this Augmented Reality experience and watch the video!

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