The branded content becomes interactive

There are no longer many secrets in the industry. The branded content is to generate content related to a brand that allow you to connect with the consumer. The brand is present but not annoying: accompanies but does not get. It helps the consumer meets its objectives and incidentally, joins his hand to walk together and establish a relationship with mutual benefit.

More and more brands are taking advantage of augmented reality for out precisely carry your marketing goals. Scope, effectiveness are some of the values that make the brand to “sponsor” certain content that users share with their friends, family and acquaintances. In this sense, an image from the fun and social, is viralice among many people, thanks to a relevant content.

Both in the world and in Latin America, there are already numerous examples of how brands created augmented reality experiences associated with different events, allowing users to be part of the experience.

In all cases, brands and publications took advantage of relevant content related to the situation to offer something that could be considered expected by users, and mutual benefit, not trying necessarily sell a product, but creating experiences that allowed users to feel and live what brands have to offer. Undoubtedly, a way to maximize communication and generate brand engagement with consumers through compelling content.

The Camara Argentina de Anunciantes (CAA) organized a training session devoted to analyzing the potential of digital media to maximize brand communication and how to generate engagement with consumers through compelling content. In this training, Damian Alcala, co-founder & CEO of CamOnApp confirmed that the value of branded content is well recognized for its users in its business segment.

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