Ideas supplement of La Nacion solidarity leads to smartphones


How do to impress the audience expanding the boundaries of content beyond traditional media? That was the goal he set to work the Supplement Ideas of La Nación that in the celebration of it’s first year generated an interactive cover in which users could scan the content and meet other experiences that completed what was on paper.

Basically, readers could access from their cell phones to tablets or a video showing the backstage of a painting by Pablo Harymbat on the facade of a senior center in Florida (Central Florida Friends station Mitre) mural. This was part of a concrete action involving an improvement in the neighborhood, in an initiative that was endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of Vicente Lopez. In addition to know in depth what were the techniques artists Harymbat for the mural, they could also see the images repassed the step of the solidarity day.
This, however, was not all. The action was completed with the possibility of further improving the Senior Center. In augmented reality experience, you could contact directly to the Center for donations. The cover, therefore, not only invited to read; readers could move to the joint action by linking directly to those who needed help.

Finally, experience also allowed access to social networks Supplement Ideas, as a way to follow the developments and expand the channels of communication between the media and readers. So, you could go directly accounts Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the medium, in a way to generate more engagement between the medium and its readers.

In this joint action between ideas and CamOnApp platform, the contribution of augmented reality generated a third dimension of content that allowed linking the real world with the virtual, pushing the limits of hardware. The offline experience, paper, invited to dive into new media so that the user eventually could be linked in a closer way with art and also with the community, thanks to the collaboration they could do with the Center Friends station Florida Mitre.

In total, more than two thousand users scanned the content that was at the top of the supplement. The Ideas supplement had more than 20,000 interactions on the cover and users stayed an average of 75 seconds viewing videos, images or even accessing social networking accounts of the medium.

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