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Hard Rock Café
Messi Chicken Sándwich

Web 360 + AR + Social XR

Marketing Campaign with Augmented Reality

Hard Rock International launched its new product “The New Messi Chicken Sandwich” worldwide, an exclusive dish inspired by Leo Messi’s favorite food: argentine milanesas. 

Hard Rock Café and Yes We’re Open agency joined forces and created a marketing campaign which includes Augmented Reality solutions such as Web 360, Web AR and Social XR, developed by CamOn to enhance this launch. 

Consumers access the Web 360 by scanning the QRs in the graphics of this new sandwich. They are then taken to the Hard Rock Café kitchen and restaurant where they can access different interactions such as trivias, games, etc. 

Once in the experience, users are greeted by Messi through a video. After that, they find a trivia which tests their knowledge about Leo. If they successfully complete the trivia, they are rewarded access to an Instagram Filter with a game. Users play the game by collecting golden balloons.

In addition, users can visualize Messi as a chef in Augmented Reality with the ingredients of The New Messi Chicken Sandwich. They can take a picture with him and press the “magic” button to see Leo do his signature celebratory pose. Then, Messi creates the exclusive sandwich by putting the ingredients together. 

Moreover, users can find out more about the sandwich, the Messi Hard Rock collection or even download wallpapers by browsing the experience.

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