How Augmented Reality will revolutionize architecture and construction in a very short time.

Augmented reality takes the real world and adds to it digital elements to enrich it. Incorporating augmented reality into construction and architectural projects involves placing a 3D model of a proposed design in an existing space using mobile devices such as tablets or even cell phones.

But augmented reality operates in all stages of the construction process: from design to sale.

In the design phase, CamOnApp can place a 3D model in context, visible through a tablet or mobile phone, either in a 2D set of plans, in front of a real site, or even in an image of the project website . Users focus on a particular layout or file plan with the camera on their device, the application then recognizes the design and the screen superimposes a virtual model of how the project will be at the end. Anyone can see a model in context in a full 360 degree view.

At the construction stage, for example, CamOnApp can be used to help project managers display plans on actual structures, operators to access step-by-step instructions on how to install something and even train future workers on the site.

Augmented reality allows architects, engineers and designers to better and more easily visualize ideas and make quicker and more informed decisions, avoiding costly scenarios such as customer dissatisfaction and reworking during construction.

In the unit sales phase, augmented reality helps to enrich the experience of potential customers, allowing them to access visualizations of the completed project well before visiting it, speeding up purchasing decisions.

Thanks to the possibility of visualizing 3D models in real world structures / spaces, allowing a greater collaborative work among team members and overcoming drawbacks currently encountered by architects and builders in design software, is that augmented reality is changing the way That architecture works around the world.


CamOnApp is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store.