Augmented Reality announces for Snapchat and Facebook

Both platforms presented their technological bets for 2017 and the great news is that both are about Augmented Reality. Let’s break it down: Snapchat (the mobile application founded in 2011 by the young Evan Spiegel) has published new features for the use that their users most value: filters. The new functionality, called “World Lens” brings more quality than previous versions that the company used for selfies, for example, with a 3D look.

And almost at the same time, at its annual developer conference, the unstoppable giant that commands Marck Zuckerberg launched his big ad: augmented reality comes to Facebook. With such an ambitious and interesting promise, the CEO announced, “We’re going to make the camera the first augmented reality platform.” These trends in the global industry increasingly show us that the digital world and the physical world need to be integrated. People and brands have to find themselves somewhere in between, and traditional advertising on mobile devices is ending their chance of success. Will the new bridge for messages between brands and consumers be the augmented reality? CamOnApp is the only augmented reality (RA) platform that operates in Argentina and has one with an app and a content editor for RA. The app allows users to scan objects and images to access videos, games, animations, links to online channels. The Editor (CamOnApp Studio) enables agencies, media and advertisers to create their own campaigns with RA. The tool does not require programming skills and is very user friendly. CamOnApp also has access to metrics to easily measure performance campaigns. Some of the supports on which you can create content with augmented reality are images in newspapers, magazines, products, books, posters, flyers, among others.