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Using packaging as a tool for customer communication and sales expands its traditional function by adding a new digital and interactive dimension: Augmented Reality.

The importance of packaging lies in the fact that it is the first contact between a potential client and a product. It is an ideal channel not only for captivating at first sight, but also for communicating and providing information that creates a competitive edge.

In this purchase decision micro moment, it is fundamental to incorporate technologies that help incentivize the sale. This is where Augmented and Virtual Reality become key players.

By linking offline supports and digital content, consumers experience innovative formats to interact with brands and access proposals such as contests, step-by-step instructions, recipes, relevant offers, tips on use and even entertainment and fan-engagement activities.

Unilever Skip Case Study – How to describe a new product usage

The liquid soap brand Skip recently launched its new formula with the particularity of having to inform its consumers how to use the new concentrated dose of the product. To complement the traditional wash guide format, they decided to create an immersive experience that is accessed by scanning the QR of the Skip package with a cell phone camera.

For this campaign, a 360º VR Web content was recreated, virtually transporting the consumer to a typical laundromat displaying Skip’s branding. By walking through the space with a cell phone, customers can participate in a raffle to win a washing machine or a free year of laundry and discover the economic, ecological and practical benefits of this new formula. During the virtual tour a dynamic step-by-step approach unfolds that teaches you how to prepare the dilution.

The advantage of these formats is that they can be included in different marketing activations. Through a simple link, these actions can be integrated into digital marketing campaigns, such as display banners or ads on social networks.

Unilever Vivere Case – Chuave comes to life

Vivere, the leading fabric softener brand, decided to work with Augmented Reality to bring its emblematic character, Chuave, to life. Through this campaign, those who enter the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profiles (@mundovivere) are able to try out the Chuave filter with face detection technology.

In addition, customers can position Chuave’s image on any flat surface as if it were there and in real scale. Customers can record videos or take pictures with this famous child to share on social networks.