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CamOnApp is an Immersive Technologies company, specializing in Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Web VR. We provide products and solutions for brands, agencies and media to enhance advertising campaigns, communication actions and sales strategies. Given the current context of the pandemic, we noticed that there was a great opportunity to promote the use of these technologies in ongoing projects and to spark interest in new business contacts.

Virtual Product Testers

On one front, the need for large brands to incorporate virtual product testers into their eCommerce services was accelerated due to the temporary closure of physical stores. This format helps to show catalogues and articles in 3D and in real scale in the customer’s environment.

It’s a great solution for areas such as interior design, home appliances, automotive, machinery, art, furniture, technology, fashion, and architecture. The format is ideal because it allows business and sales to continue by offering the consumer an easy and innovative alternative that lets them see a real sample of the product. It encourages them to make a purchase decision, without having to deal with logistics and shipping costs.

AR for Online Events and Expos

Event suspension represents another opportunity for Augmented Reality. Brands, agencies and production companies began looking for alternatives to continue generating entertaining experiences for attendees and sponsors. Augmented Reality became a great ally to complement a video call or online presentation.  Whether promoting participation and dissemination of an event by recreating virtual installations, or performing actions with gamification and other immersive branding content, it can all be done from the user’s home, using only their cell phone.

This type of initiative was also requested by companies seeking to generate internal activations with their employees by bringing an entertaining or educational proposal to their home office.

AR for Customer Service

At the same time, we continued to strengthen Augmented Reality projects linked to customer service areas. Our objective is to develop interactive and dynamic procedure manuals to carry out operations such as a technical installation or remote repairs. By providing the user with immersive content, they have greater engagement with what they are viewing and, therefore, they can better incorporate learning and new concepts, saving time and key resources on the support end.

Considering that digitalization in certain industries is being forced and driven by the current context of pandemic, the incorporation of new technologies such as Augmented Reality can help brands and companies solve process and business opportunity issues.  Most importantly, this helps companies adapt to a new scenario where the virtual world has become predominant.