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By integrating Augmented Reality into the Online Shop, customers of the fashion brand Jazmin Chebar could view products from the new collection in 3D using only their phone.

The time has come for technology to take another step to enhance online shopping. We are talking about augmented reality for product visualization, a format that simplifies the sales process and increases the purchase intention of consumers.

What are they and how do they work?

When consumers enter from their mobile phones to browse an eCommerce product catalogue, they access the 3D object viewer by clicking on the image of an item or on a destination button.

By way of a simple link integrated into the web portal and the permission to open the camera on the mobile phone, the user can place the product of interest in the environment to see it in real scale, as if it were present there.

In the case of Jazmin Chebar, the Argentinean women’s fashion brand, they decided to use AR viewer for the new collection of accessories and shoes. Three notable products were highlighted with augmented reality in the online shop to invite customers to discover the new shopping formats. CamOn expert 3D team did the modeling resulting in optimized hyper-realistic products on their site.

Advantages of using Augmented Reality in your eCommerce

There are great benefits to including this technology in the online sales cycle. First of all, consumers have an immersive and novel interaction with the product, allowing for greater exploration than with traditional photos. This leads to a higher purchase intention and a positive perception of brand satisfaction. In addition, it brings reductions in operating costs since having a realistic idea of the item and how it would look reduces returns and decision times.

In short Augmented Reality:

  • Allows you to explore an item from any angle
  • Displays products in actual measurements with the possibility of scaling
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • Provides easy integration into a website or digital marketing campaign
  • Does not require an app, as tactics can be opened from the web browser

Enter Jazmin Chebar’s online shop and using your mobile try the new Shoe Line here:

Check out the video of this project: