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How did you want to make advertising more interactive and further highlight the features and values of the product? Nike’s goal was to launch an augmented reality campaign in coordination with CamOnBBDO and PHD exclusively for Magazine Galera. At the center of this experience, is the new Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit. A new model of the shoe with updated technology that makes them lighter than the past model shoe which was used for basketball in the 80’s.

To highlight the concepts of its excellent cushioning and lightness, the campaign allowed users to discover the details of the model in a gallery; when scanning from a smartphone using the application, CamOn, they could also interact with an exclusive video where hundreds of model Air Force’s flew through the air, it was an effective way to describe the power of Flyknit technology, using these shoes and they give the feeling of “lightness”.

Finally, for those interested, the campaign added a link to a shopping cart from which you could directly purchase the product with your phone.

The union of technology and augmented reality CamOn this Nike model is a combination that represents much the product. To make this model, Nike embarked on a four-year project with teams of programmers, engineers and designers to create a technology that would help compile a top woven with  static properties which would provide structure and durability. To spread the word, there is nothing better than an interactive experience that would help convey those unique values that the Air Force carries on it´s platform.

This is interactive display added another dimension to the experience, generating new forms of interaction with potential customers from conventional formats such as, paper magazine.