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Movistar Colombia developed installation kits using Augmented Reality to show the steps to follow in technical procedures.

Augmented Reality is a technology that brings great benefits in the field of education and training. The implementation of these experiences allows users to follow procedures, instructions or manuals in a way that goes beyond the text and the narrative. These formats offer interactive audiovisual content that favor the comprehension and user’s attention.

Given this opportunity, Movistar Colombia decided to involve immersive technologies within the operations sector. The technical team had printed manuals to install the Wifi Air Scout tester and this involved certain delays in customer’s visits. That’s why, this new project results in turning the device case into an interactive and scannable material using CamOn technology.

When the experience is opened, users discover the instructions to follow and the technical information necessary to perform the installation, guaranteeing the best possible performance.

CamOn production team develop a 3D model of the Air Scout and the different materials involved in the procedure. Users could visualize the device in real scale and navigate through the whole process.

The main goal of this initiative is to improve customer service giving the technicians interactive material to assist them. Also, Augmented Reality Kits are new format to see advantages and benefits of processes that favor training sessions.

Scan this image using CamOn to discover the installation kit with Augmented Reality:

Watch a video of the AR Experience: