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A group of influencers receive the recipes of Condensed Milk preparations through augmented reality experiences, just by scanning an image of Nestlé product´s packaging.

Nestle and CamOn came together to surprise a group of influencers from Argentina. From May until the end of the year, a group of recognized pastry chefs will receive once a month the ingredients to prepare a delicious recipe using Nestlé Condensed Milk. But that isn´t everything! By scanning the image of the kit with their phones, they access to an interactive experience and to the steps for preparing every month a special recipe that coincides with a holiday: Patriotic dates, Spring Day, Christmas, among others.

First, they must download CamOn application from Google Play or Apple Store and then open the scan pointing the image indicated on the box. In the same way that a picture is taken, by direction the phone to the printed surface, the augmented reality experience appears on the screen. To make exquisite desserts with Nestlé Condensed Milk, an interactive content guides you step by sept to learn and have fun preparing it!

To celebrate “25 de mayo”, a National Day in Argentina, a traditional recipe was selected: crème caramel flan. The ingredients in the surprise box were: four eggs, a cup of sugar and Nestlé condensed milk pack. A very simple and delicious dessert!

Using augmented reality Nestlé adds value to their product,  bringing the consumer closer with interactive proposals within their smartphones. This technology is a strategic ally for off-line supports such as packaging or graphic material, that could be transformed with digital elements on them that encourage interactions.

Through these formats, consumers perceive an innovative communication that improves the experience with the brand. CamOn offers these solutions through a variety of products, with a clear aim of extending the limits of the real world to digital channels.

Scan the image below with CamOn to discover the experience

Check out the video of the experience: