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This solution consists of interactive ads with Augmented Reality and Web 360 which increase brand awareness and conversion rate by up to 70%.


Is there a way to make digital ads more effective in a market saturated with advertisements? Fortunately the answer is yes! Immersive ads make it possible for brands and their products to stand out in a competitive environment and capture the user’s interest.

According to a NielsenQI research, global consumers listed Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the top technology they prefer to improve their daily lives. In fact, more than 50% said they are eager to use this technology to assess products.

This is due to an innovative format which attracts consumers by giving them access to useful information and interactive activities that were not possible previously in the digital marketing world. For example this new format makes it possible to visualize products in 3D and Augmented Reality.

In this regard, we can mention two types of immersive ads: Augmented Reality (AR) Display Ads and 360 Display Ads.

Web AR Display Ads

Using a banner, the users can see a 3D model of a product while navigating the web. They can rotate it 360°, zoom in and out, change its color, and also project it into the real world with Augmented Reality. This allows users to visualize the product in their desired environment,  in the actual size and with all the details.

360 Display Ads

Using this ad users will be able to navigate a 360° space when they’re browsing a website. By moving around this space, they learn more about the brand or a product, through different activities such as trivias and quizzes. This format is best suited for virtual stores and games.

Main benefits

According to research, Immersive Display Ads increase brand recall by as much as 70% and conversion rate by up to 80%. This is because Immersive Display Ads greatly improve the online shopping experience which leads to a higher chance of purchase. In addition, they also create higher user retention and visual attention.

Another great benefit of Immersive Display Ads is that they are very easy to implement. They are integrated through an iframe, by inserting the solution core into a specified space. They are both also compatible with desktop and mobile versions.

Additionally, they are measurable which is very advantageous. Metrics can be obtained on the number of users who interact with the ad, the number of impressions, dwell time and conversions generated.

Ultimately, it is necessary to mention that this solution is not only usable for brands, but also for digital media, as they can commercialize this new advertising format to increase their revenues.

If you want to create a project with Immersive Ads, contact us at You can also learn more by visiting this page.

Easy to implement

The integration of both Ads on the web is done through an iframe. All you need to do is insert the solution code inside a specified space. In addition, both Web AR and 360 Ads are compatible with desktop and mobile versions.

If you want to create a project with Immersive Ads, contact us at You can also learn more by visiting this page.