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This solution consists of interactive ads with Augmented Reality and Web 360 which increase brand awareness and conversion rate by up to 70%.


Display AR Ads

Thorugh this type of ad, users can see a 3D model of a product when they are browsing the web. They can rotate it, zoom in, zoom out and change its color. In addition, they can project it into the real world through Augmented Reality to view it in real size, with all their details.

Display 360 Ads

This type of ad allows users to explore a 360 environment when browsing the web. Users can learn more about the brand through different interactions such as contest and trivia. Its use is recommended for virtual stores and mini-games

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Capture and consolidate attention

More than 50% of consumers remember brands that interact with them using
augmented reality. AR experiences duplicate visual attention compared to other advertising formats.

Maximize interaction and dwell time

47% of users say that immersive technologies make them feel more connected to products and brands.

Drive purchase intention

Interacting with products that offer augmented reality experiences increases purchase intention by 65%.


Through our platform it’s possible to obtain a tracking system that allows to measure the performance of the campaigns. In addition, due to the type of ads, high impact results can be achieved.


IMPRESSIONS: number of times the ad is shown.
TOTAL VIEWS: number of times a user viewed the ad.
UNIQUE USERS: number of different users who saw the ad.
CLICKS: number of clicks the user made on the ad.
INTERACTIONS: number of actions the user took on the ad.
AVERAGE TIME: time the user spent interacting with the ad.