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AR Portal

Branding campaign with Augmented Reality

CamOn partnered with Villavicencio mineral water brand to create an experience so that consumers could get to know its source, the Villavicencio Natural Reserve in Mendoza. The goal was showcasing the protected natural environment where the water is born and the path that leads to its purity and unique mineral profile.

To promote this initiative, CamOn XR created an immersive portal with Augmented Reality, which can be accessed directly from a link or by scanning the QR on the bottles. Projecting the portal, users can walk towards it and move to the Villavicencio Nature Reserve where they will find the brand’s iconic spaces.

By navigating through these spaces, users can get to know the landscapes and perform interactive activities to learn how Villavicencio water is born and part of the brand’s history.

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