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The use of Immersive Technologies and Augmented Reality in Advertising and Marketing continues to gain prominence. Brands are increasingly implementing these types of solutions to create totally innovative experiences with their consumers, thus combining the real and virtual worlds. This is due to the fact that the use of Augmented Reality has been shown to increase brand recognition and generate interaction times greater than 80 seconds, indicating high engagement when compared to other formats.

Some of the most frequent applications are interactive packaging, online and offline ads that come to life, dynamic point-of-sale activations, or filters in social networks. In this article, we will explore success stories that benefited from these solutions to launch their marketing campaigns.


Victorinox – Augmented World

Augmented Reality can be used to amplify awareness of a new product. This is the case with Victorinox, the Swiss knife company, who choose this solution for the launch event of its Mexican Collection. The 4 designs were developed in web AR to show the product in an immersive way.  By scanning a QR code placed at the event venue, attendees could visualize and position the 3D models in their environment. The objective was to have an innovative experience with the knives and the works of artisans of Talavera poblana, Olinalá lacquer, Alebrijes and Huichol art.

Liverpool – Immersive Advertising

Both Display and Facebook ads could go from being 2D to actually offering the user a virtual and 3D sample of a product. This leads consumers to interact with an item of their interest as if they had it in their space, seeing it in detail from different angles, adjusting the chosen model, colors and size.

The Liverpool brand used this solution to run Display campaigns and Facebook feed ads about 10 products from their Home catalog. Users who clicked on the ads saw a hyperrealistic 3D version of that item. Incorporating AR in this way encourages the purchase decision and increases traffic in the e-Commerce channel. In addition, the results achieved a 40% increase in the reach KPI compared to traditional formats.

Montblanc – Social Media Campaigns

When generating content on Social Networks, it is important to prioritize its relevance to current users as well as its ability to generate enough engagement to reach new audiences. Filters and effects are ideal to achieve this type of impact. Interactions can be created on the user’s face, as well as with 3D object positioning, mini-games, and portals to virtual worlds.

In the case of Montblanc, an Instagram filter was developed to commemorate the launch of the Ultra Black collection. The experience transported the user inside a 3D world with a halo of orange light around them, characteristic of the campaign. On the day of the event in Berlin, attendees were invited to take a photo with the filter and share it on their social media profiles celebrating the arrival of the new collection.