CamOnApp is already the first official Vuforia partner for the entire region.

Vuforia and CamOnApp: partnership. In line with the goal of being a referents in augmented reality for the entire region, providing more and better experiences to brands and users, we became official Vuforia partners for the entire region. One of the great success cases of implementation with Vuforia was the development of Disney Scan.

Vuforia is the most used software platform for augmented reality applications on mobile devices. Originally launched in 2011, is supported by a global ecosystem of more than 400,000 developers and partners. This platform has enabled more than 50,000 applications for the use of consumers and companies in a range of mobile devices around the world.


What does it mean to be a Certified Partner?

  • Count on the support of Vuforia to develop augmented reality apps for brands that meet the demands of international excellence.
  • Guarantee brands that trust in us the greatest amount of knowledge resources for support and strategy.
  • Provide integral solutions backed by an internationally renowned company.