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Using this technology the onboarding process is transformed into truly effective and memorable experiences for companies’ new hires.


The induction processes are very important for a company, because they set the stage and expectations of the newly hired employee. According to a Gallup poll, only 12% of new hires believe that their company does a great job during their incorporation.

This situation shows that companies are missing out on the ideal opportunity to make a great first impression and create a close relationship with their new hires. This of course can help to increase employee retention. On the contrary, a failed onboarding generates a decrease in productivity, engagement and retention, which translates to a higher cost for companies. 

The studies point out that 20% of people leave their jobs in the first 45 days. That’s why it is important for the onboarding processes to be designed to give them an incentive to stay. This can be done by making the process more efficient and friendly, making sure to create a community-feel for the new hires. 

How Augmented Reality works in the Human Resources Management 

New hires need time to understand the history, culture and values of the company. Immersive technologies, through solutions such as Web 360 and Web AR, are effective tools to transform the traditional onboarding and make the process more efficient and friendly for new members.

Due to its unique characteristics, Augmented Reality allows employees new interactive experiences, which improves information recall. At the same time it allows organizations to stand out.

In addition, this type of experience is super easy to access: employees can get in through a QR code or link, using their phones, computers or tablets.

Success cases: Globant

Together with Globant People and Brand Experience teams, we created an Augmented Reality experience for the company’s new recruits. With the welcome kit, a QR gives access to an interactive Web AR/360 where Goblers can watch videos of the leaders, learn about the company’s values and history.

L’Oréal Groupe

Together with Globant, we have created onboarding experiences for new hires. This project was done for the L’Oréal Group in cooperation with their IT and Human Resources teams. This solution goal was to offer Lorelaians (L’Oréal employees) an interactive and innovative welcome when they join the company.

L’Oréal employees access 6 different Web 360 experiences through a QR code. Each experience provides them with information and places them in the L’Oréal Groupe world in a unique and attractive way. Additionally, they have a navigation menu to make the process easier.

Contact us if you want to create a customized onboarding or transform your current onboarding program using Augmented Reality.