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Colppy, DaloPorHecho and CamOn are three new companies locally sourced, with strong technological focus betting one grow out of the country. This was indicated founders their Juan Ignacio Onetto, Rodrigo Alonso and Damian Alcala, respectively, during a press conference convened by the authorities of Wayra accelerator of Telefónica Group operates in seven countries in Latin America: In addition to European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and London, where their next steps forward.

Think globally

“We are starting to work in Colombia,” said Onetto, cofounder of Colppy, a company that provides online accounting services for small businesses and independent professionals. Founded in 2011, it has 750 clients, with a monthly average ticket of u$s 45, and about 1,500 people access the platform. “In the United States and in New Zealand the model is tested and works successfully.”

Meanwhile, Alonso, DaloPorHecho a marketplace and hire people who offer services ranging from plumbing to painting, through freight, including 250 categories, as planned, in the medium term, get your company to Mexico. The start- up began operating in January 2015 and eight months later entered the program Wayra. The community integrate some 3,000 specialists and the site will sail about 30,000 users. The parties agree a means of payment and the company charges a commission of 18% to the professionals. “More than 1,300 quotes are requested per month. A professionals, we are offering a premium service, without charging commission for a flat fee of $ 379 per month, “says the engineer in Systems.

Also, Alcalá, head of CamOn, an augmented reality digital platform that allows access to interactive content, today recognizes that the business model is in the phase of consolidation in the local market but we think globally. The firm, founded in 2014, offers a mobile application to scan images and already has among its clients, companies like ESPN, Samsung, Compumundo and magazines Group La Nación. The firm joined Wayra in December 2015.

“We selected 10 companies to accelerate by year. We look for companies that are already operating, that are innovative and aim at the regional or global market, “said Lorena Suarez, country manager of Wayra. In Argentina, the accelerator has already invested in 45 companies and globally, in 500 (half of them are based in Latin America). “Between 70 % and 80 % of these 45 companies raised second round of investment. We have a long-term strategy, “added Suarez.

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