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Through the CamOn application, you can access with a smartphone a whole new digital experience. Details of the phenomenon.

Many people knew the concept of augmented reality through the phenomenon “Pokemon Go”, for example, that managed to have 50 million players around the world. There, users with their smartphone had to capture small creatures that blended with reality and could be seen through the camera of their phones.

When this game came to the country, the people of CamOn – the Argentine digital platform that allows you to create and discover interactive content – did not stop receiving calls.

“At the time we realized that this technology had much to grow and that no one had yet done something similar. That’s why we joined with our partners Pepe Marriot and Federico Zaiatz, we left behind our digital agency and software factory and we pushed this project to simplify the methods for creating these experiences, “said Damián Alcala, CEO of the company.

Over time, the company grew, were invested by Wayra and, so far, 1500 experiences with top brands and agencies. In the publishing world and numerous magazines – OhLaLáGaleraBrandoDMAGWatt, among others – added interactivity to its contents. Through their app, available for Android and iOS, readers found relevant and appropriate content as a kind of bonus track to expand physical boundaries and generate an unlimited number of proposals.

“Brands and publications took advantage of relevant content to offer something that could be expected by users, creating experiences that would allow users to feel and live what brands had to offer,” added Alcala.

CamOn developed two products. On the one hand, a Campaign Editor designed for multimedia designers, agencies and media that allows you to create content with augmented reality without having programming knowledge. On the other hand, a free mobile application available for iOS and Android, which allows users to scan objects and images to access galleries, videos, games and animations.

In addition to hundreds of graphic media, other media are adding to this fury. In the public street they realized an experience next to the film Miss Peregrine and the Peculiar Children of Tim Burton, where in some stops of collective the users counted on a free connection to Internet so that they could accede to the exclusive contents of the film through the app.

At the packaging level, Brahma in Paraguay transformed its bottles into interactive objects, which also meant a technological evolution of the platform so that the camera could also detect the curved details of the packaging.

In points of sale also saw some of the actions that link the real world with digital. In Compumundo, consumers could virtually test the Smartwatch Gear S2, where they exchanged the screen designs and customized the meshes that come with the product in order to choose the favorite.

Pepe Marriot, another co-founder of the company, said that everything is feasible to be turned into an interactive content trigger thanks to the CamOn scan. “You can turn them into a new communication channel. It can be used in multiple industries, in addition to advertising”.

In every case the end of the experience has something fundamental, since the brands and agencies can measure the actions. In the same campaign editor you can analyze data such as scans, user profiles and quantity and interaction time for later, also, optimize the performance of the campaigns.

The future of augmented reality

Last year the industry billed about two billion dollars worldwide. Those values will rise to 120 billion in 2020. “This technology has enormous potential, so companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook invest in this,” said Alcala.

At the moment, in the country already exists a platform developed by Argentines, but with international projection that promises to continue helping to have more interactive experiences of quality.

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