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Sports Summit Mexico 2020 presented the winners of the startup competition organized in collaboration with Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC). CamOn was awarded for its Augmented Reality solutions within the sports industry.

Sports Summit MX

More than 2,000 people attended the second edition of Sports Summit MX, which was held at the Citibanamex Center in Mexico City on February 26 and 27. Ronaldo, Brazilian team world champion in 1994 and 2002 and current president of Real Valladolid, and Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, were some of the event’s prominent attendees.

As part of the program, a Startup Competition was organized by Sports Summit Mexico and the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) powered by Microsoft. The competition was launched at the end of January with the aim of creating a meeting point before, during and after the Sports Summit for Latin American startups and SMEs that are developing innovative solutions applied for the sports industry. The finalists presented their solutions to the public, media and national and international sports entities during the event in México City on February 27.

Teams pitched projects which were evaluated by a jury of the sports industry professionals, among them, our General Manager Iris Cordoba,  and 3 winners were  chosen. CamOn was unanimously named the winner of the competition.


CamOn creates solutions with immersive technologies with Augmented Reality and Web VR for clubs or brands that wants to evolve with innovative products.

“Augmented Reality allows you to recreate scenarios and move with your cell phone to places such as the locker room of a club, a stadium, or a museum” said Florencia Moltini, Head of Marketing for the company based in Argentina and Mexico. Damián Alcalá is Co-founder and CEO of the company; Pepe Marriot is the CCO and Co-founder; and Federico Zaiatz, the CTO and Co-founder.

Immersive technology can be applied to any graphic material – such as accreditations, spaces inside a stadium, and advertisements on public roads – converting offline into digital content.

The company has carried out more than 5,000 experiences for more than 100 brands such as Disney, Telefónica, Nestlé, Mondelez, Unilever, Samsung or Ford, among others. Now we are looking at new opportunities inside sports industry together with GSIC.

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