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For the presentation of the new Samsung model -Galaxy S10- experiences with immersive technologies were made in the different points of sale, inviting users to discover the attributes released in an innovative way.

With a lot of expectation from consumers, Samsung Electronics Argentina made the launch event of the Galaxy S10 in the country including augmented reality experiences. To carry out this initiative in more than 80 points of sale, they convene the creative agency P-per and CamOn, experts in immersive technologies.

Samsung House in Palermo and Unicenter Shopping were the principal places chosen to surprise consumers and invite them to test the product. These experience stores are dedicated to tech lovers and innovators, who seek for fun and want to learn from experts the new solutions of the brand.

Lali Espósito, the Argentinian pop singer, was chosen as brand ambassador of this initiative. She recently stands out for her participation in the traditional Countdown in New Year in Time Square. The artist accomplished an important milestone as being the first Argentine woman to achieve it, that is why the camping insight is about “making history”.

In-Store Experiences

For this action, the emblematic street intersection of the show in Manhattan was recreated with augmented reality. In this way, those who went to the points of sale could experience the digital photo opportunity and record videos of themselves in the heart of New York City. Using the hashtag #GalaxyS10 and uploading this material to social media, users participate for great prizes of the brand.

In addition, in the Samsung´s stores graphics were placed showing all the models of the company that as they are scanned with the smartphone, interactive augmented reality experiences are display. In a kind of “timeline” phone features are exposed from the first Galaxy launched to the present S10, visually impacting with the new advances in functionalities, technology and design.

These technological solutions were created by CamOn. With our augmented reality and animation expertise, we generate creative and innovative proposals tailored to each brand or product.

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