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The o2 Customer Service and Sales teams of Telefónica Germany have started working with augmented reality and piloted a use case at an internal kick off.

Telefónica Germany – known for its commercial brand o2 – offers telecommunications services for private and business customers, as well as innovative digital products and services in the fields of the Internet of Things and data analytics. o2 began working with CamOn to incorporate augmented reality in the customer service area.

Innovating proposals for events

The company’s Customer Service & Sales held a kick-off event at the beginning of the year to present the 2020 vision and objectives. Following that insight, they decided to welcome the attendees in an innovative way, incorporating augmented reality to encourage them to try out and experience immersive content. The accreditation credentials as well as the graphics within the venue were interactive. Those who downloaded CamOn on their mobile phones and scanned any designated print surface could discover event content in augmented reality.

As the experience opened, a video was shown with an initial message from the O2 Customer Service & Sales Director welcoming the attendees, followed by several access buttons for navigation. One such button allowed them to access the complete agenda including the schedule and the activities in progress so as not to miss anything that was happening. At the same time, a 3D lectern was recreated with ARKit/ARCore to position on any flat surface, showing a traditional menu with the dishes and drinks to be enjoyed during the day.

The playful aspect wasn’t lacking:  A full-scale jackpot was created so that, upon winning the game, the symbolic Berlin bear appeared, personalized with o2 branding. Participants could then record and take pictures with this iconic animated character.

Currently, CamOn and o2 are working on further ideas how to incorporate augmented reality in other projects.

CamOn is already part of wayra’s portfolio in Germany and Argentina. Through this innovative technological hub, Telefónica seeks to develop and accelerate innovative businesses to roll out in its global network.

Watch the video of the O2 AR Experience: