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How do we get the most out of an existing channel? How do we reuse something familiar, user friendly and even a desire object, something that turns fans into privileged users? When Radiohead came to Argentina, Sound Hearts Festival proposal was using augmented reality in the concert entrance tickets to offer additional and relevant content for the audience; at the same time, the organization offered an extra channel in their 360proposal to trademarks.

That is how they created an augmented reality experience: fans could scan tickets using their smartphones through CamOnApp, and experience exclusive content for them.

Let’s think about it for a second: usually tickets for a big festival are sold three months in advance, people keep them but do not use them until the day of the festival. Meanwhile there is an unused physical object that may have an added value for 50 thousand potential users.

In this way, Heineken used the channel to do special spots in the App. Fans could wear a Radiohead mask that could be shared on the social networks. The idea of a “preview” and “warming up” of the show with special themed items for the ticket bearers was a daring proposal by Move Concerts, the organizing firm.

Part of the proposal was changing the traditional product and giving it an added value as well as offering a different channel for users and clients where they can communicate with each other. Have you thought about what are you going to offer fans with coming tickets?