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An E-commerce presence alone is not enough to survive in an increasingly competitive environment. Incorporating Augmented Reality into your business is a must in order to improve your performance.

There’s no doubt about the incredible growth online shopping has had during the past few years. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to make online purchases, prioritizing their comfort and trying to save time.

According to Morgan Stanley, “Stronger for Longer in Global E-Commerce” (April, 2022), with the outbreak of Covid-19, global e-commerce rose from 15% of total retail sales in 2019 to 22% in 2022. And the trend continues to rise: it is expected to reach 27% of total sales by 2026.

In this context, where online shopping is becoming more and more competitive, people need to create and execute strategies to make their business stand out. Otherwise, they will become just another option among the thousands of offers that consumers receive every day through the Internet. 

That’s why Augmented Reality is key nowadays. This technology is a super useful tool to help e-commerce companies to highlight their products. 

Benefits of Augmented Reality

First of all, Augmented Reality allows users to project objects in 3D, by doing so, customers can:

  • Test the item in the desired space.
  • See the product in detail with its actual measurements and texture.
  • Customize the item, changing its color or shape.

And all these benefits allow users to save time when they’re making a decision. In addition, these Augmented Reality attributes provide more security at the time of purchase and reduce returns, which increases brand loyalty.

Another enticing fact about Augmented Reality is that it doesn’t require the use of an App, since it’s accessible through the web browser.

At CamOn we have already developed many experiences for E-commerce companies which have been able to improve their performance through effective Augmented Reality campaigns. We show you many of them:

Virtual store+ Virtual try-on for Samsung y O2:

Virtual try-on for the fashion brand Jazmín Chebar:

Virtual store+ Virtual try-on for VIVO: