Itau bank becomes an art show in an interactive experience


Art can also give new experiences to those attending the most important exhibitions. This is not only give new sensations but also, through technology, to achieve a stronger empathy visitors with each of the works.

 That happened at the Palais de Glace this year, where 39 artists came to the end of the seventh edition of Itaú Visual Arts Award, an exhibition that brings together the best of figurative, abstract art, watercolors, and even photographs. There, five finalists, in addition to his works exhibited experiences with Augmented Reality technology through CamOnApp. The objective? Surprise and otherwise linked with visitors.

The foundation of the bank contacted the augmented reality platform with artists to think together the best ways to impact audiences to surprise when visitors will scan their works with their smartphone or tablets.

More than 1,500 visitors used the technology CamOnApp to “connect” in a different way with the artists. In total, there were more than 15,000 interactions, where users could listen to audios, read different texts, display different images and other multimedia reproductions. In some cases they could see backstage or directly link to learn more about the creators. Other perked up and gave “life” to the works.

 The artistic proposal Itau Foundation has at its core to make visible the work of young artists with revolutionary ideas, and while stimulus is a space for emerging artists from Argentina, spreading their works. “To encourage artistic expression through transformative experiences”, explained from their website. Along with new technologies, such as CamOnApp, the goal was more than fulfilled.

Download CamOnApp from the App Store or Google Play and find out more augmented reality experiences.