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CamOn receives funding’s from Globant accelerator program, whose objective is promoting technological Argentinean ventures with high potential.

CamOn keeps growing! In 2015 received investment from Wayra Argentina (Telefonica´s incubator) and recently incorporates Globant Ventures as new investor: the startup accelerator that seeks to promote Argentine technology to the world.

As a result, CamOn will continue growing with this new alliance on a global scale and gaining greater access to the international innovation ecosystem and top-tier clients around the world. Nowadays, its already working with different companies abroad like Disney in U.K. and EMEA, Conaprole in Uruguay, Compensar in Colombia and Fundación Telefónica in Spain, among others.

In addition, another great advantage of Globant Ventures as investor is the experienced pool of mentors and workspaces in more than 40 offices around the world. So beyond the economic resources, training and advice is received through its Global Investor Network.

New stategic partners

“We have Endeavor Argentina, EY Argentina and the studio Marval O’Farrell & Mairal as strategic allies. The heart of our accelerator program is the mentor pool available for the selected startups, so they can easily access to top international clients” said Martin Umaran, Chief of Staff and co-founder of Globant“We know the impact that entrepreneurs can generate in the world. We are going to support them to grow rapidly to next level” he concluded.

Also, Globant Ventures was selected by the Argentine Goverment to be part of the Trust Fund for the Development of Entrepreneur Capital of the Ministry of Production and Labor. Therefore the projects they support have a co-investment.

“We created FONDCE to leverage the investment of private companies in Argentine projects because we know that entrepreneurial capital plays a fundamental role in the growth of the country. Globant was chosen as one of the accelerators to promote technology-based projects and today we are very pleased to see the first results”, said Mariano Mayer, Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

From Argentina to the world

With a solid team based in Argentina, CamOn, creates solutions in different verticals and industries such as advertising, education, automotive, real estate, retail, mass consumption, and others. Among its products, CamOnApp Studio stands out as the web tool that invites you to design and create augmented reality without the need of programming skills.

“Since the official launch of Globant Ventures in 2018, we thought it would be ideal to have the support of a company like Globant, a great success story in which its founders are entrepreneurs and still actively participate in operations. Globant is dedicated to the development of digital and innovation solutions and we believe that its experience and commercial network can boost our business” said Damián Alcala, CEO & Co-Founder of CamOn.