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To celebrate the day of music Alto Palermo realized an action with augmented reality called Hidden Songs during 22 and 29 of november 2016.

Five interactive spaces were set up at the shopping where CamOn users could scan and doscover content through augmented reality. Each space had the support of a promoter who provided information to people who were approaching, so that in three simple steps they can enjoy the experience. 1.- Download the CamOn application 2.- Scan the experience 3.- Discover the song.

The experience had an unknown word, that in scanning it completed the name of the artist who personified the action. In addition, users could watch exclusive backstage videos and a quíz to guess the name of the song that the artist plays.

The artists who were part of the action were: Panda ElliotEve AznarSol Cabrera and Noemi Waisglas, who were the protagonists of recording their best versions.

The action had a spectacular closing with live recitals of all the artists.

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