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“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Was the trigger that encouraged Ignis Media, the independent media agency, to think an innovative proposal for surprising their customers for new year´s eve.

IGNIS Media Agency is an independent media agency with 14 years of experience in the local and regional market. It is also a shareholder of Local Planet, the only global network of independent media agencies, with a presence in more than 40 markets around the world. The innovative spirit that defines them is also the stimuli that pushes them to break limits and propose unusual solutions for their clients. As is the case for “Wine not?”, the action that they designed to astonish those who accompanied them during 2018.

This time the classic bottle of wine that is usually given as a present at the end of the year, contained an interactive label for the user to scan and discover augmented reality experiences around them. Through an interactive jackpot, personalized messages appeared reflecting the agency’s manifesto of moving forward from traditional thinking. Three elements were designed: a saber, a hammer and an explosive TNT, that were given to users when the experience ended to encourage them to live a brave 2019.

On this occasion it was the Creative team led by Mariano Carbone who took the challenge of giving a different turn to something so conventional: “Personalizing the bottles of wine was fine, but this year we wanted to go for more. We went from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and “Wine Not?” is the result of great teamwork” said the Creative Director.
Together with CamOnApp it was possible to design a value-added product that not only captures the attention of consumers, but also involves them to explorer with cutting-edge technologies.


Discover how a simple packaging can be transformed into an interactive experience through this video: