Trainers for kids may also be an enriching experience. Not only is about a design that calls kids attention. It is also the moment to create brand loyalty which goes beyond the physical object – trainers – creating new experiences using augmented reality related to the product.

In this way, Footy launched their new trainers with traditional led lights in the sole. For that launch they did an event in which influencers and journalists were invited. There is where the extent of the product was explained: it was not only a trainer, but also a way to interact with it. When kids scan using the Footy Play App (with CamOnApp face recognition technology), they can play using different masks within the App thanks to the technology that generates these experiences. In the App, kids may customize their own trainers.

Everything arises from a scannable ticket coming with the product. That is to say, the experience is thought from the product very beginning, and not incorporated afterwards: the experience is born with the product.

The idea is a comprehensive marketing experience trying to create brand loyalty in that generation of trademark fans by getting the most out of kids’ familiarity with touch screen devices.