For the launch of the films Star Wars Episode IX and Frozen 2 we created immersive technology campaigns for Disney Scan, inviting fans to explore both universes and have fun with interactive content.

CamOnApp develops platforms that allow users to scan toys, books, stickers, packagings, graphic supports at events and various other products. One of them is Disney Scan, an application created for Disney, which allows users to view augmented reality experiences in more than 30 countries around the world.

Disney proposes using this digital channel to generate playful content that enhances engagement and direct interaction with its audience. With this goal in mind, they are actively incorporating augmented reality experiences into their 360˚ marketing strategy for content launches and movie premieres.

The Star Wars Episode IX Campaign

For Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney partnered with Claro Colombia, inviting fans to enter the “dark side” through an immersive experience. By scanning the film’s branding materials with Disney Scan, users can enter the Millenium Falcon and take a tour around it. Users discover wallpapers, face detection filters, the film trailer, photo opportunities with characters, and memory games to challenge their Star-Wars knowledge.

Scan this image with Disney Scan and enjoy the augmented reality experience!

Frozen 2 Campaign

On another front, for Frozen 2 an augmented reality experience was developed based on the film’s characteristic Enchanted Forest. By scanning the interactive graphics with Disney Scan, users could follow Elsa and Anna’s new adventure and walk through the home of the powerful nature spirits. They could also download wallpapers, watch trailers, have fun playing memory and take pictures with the characters.

Scan this image with Disney Scan and enjoy the augmented reality experience!

frozen augmented reality realidad aumentada

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