360° Showroom


Using the 360° web format, the Uruguayan company Multiconteiner exhibits its catalog of products and solutions:

-Standard containers: they are rented or sold to store dry goods.

-Cold solutions: refrigerators for the storage of perishable goods, ideal as a complement or alternative to cold storage units.

-Multi-home dwellings: living spaces designed by architects.

-Modules: containers in modular form to adapt to specific needs such as offices, classrooms, warehouses and more.

-Self Storage: service for companies and individuals for the storage of goods or personal effects.

Customers can find this information and see images of each model. In addition, Augmented Reality 3D models allow users to visualize the houses in real scale and in model size, as well as walk through them, seeing the details as if they were really there.

Client Multiconteiner
Solution Web 360° + AR

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