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The Auggie Awards are the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world. The Coca-Cola and Amstel cases, developed by CamOn, have been chosen among the top 5.

The renowned international Auggie Awards competition is held annually in 20 categories, including “Best Campaign” for marketing and advertising campaigns of major brands using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

For the 2023 edition, CamOn presented 2 campaigns in the Best Campaign category and both have reached the finals after competing against more than 30 cases from the most recognized immersive technology companies in the world, which had been nominated. 

Having gotten this far in this competition confirms CamOn, with its more than 8 years of experience, as one of the leading companies in Augmented Reality worldwide.

The winner will be chosen by a committee of experts and will be announced on June 1st, during the Auggie Awards ceremony in Santa Clara, California. The event will take place during the Augmented World Expo (AWE) USA, the most important immersive technology event in the world.

The finalists campaigns

Amstel Matchpaint 

Within 2 months, this campaign has reached more than 900,000 views and the dwell time was longer than a minute and a half.

Amstel Ultra has launched the Matchpaint campaign in Mexico, which pays tribute to the 22 Grand Slams and 4 Mexican Opens won by Rafa Nadal, in a special edition of 26 collectible cans.

The brand recreated these 26 match points and enlisted CamOn to enhance the collectibles by developing Web AR experiences for them: upon purchasing any of the 26 cans, users can access a unique AR experience with the trajectory of each Rafa Nadal’s match points through a QR on the can.

In addition, Amstel Ultra’s social media features a Web 360 with interactive content which includes a Rafa Nadal special video, an AR game and a section to score points for each can collected to win amazing prizes.

This campaign was created using 8th Wall and the creative solutions of Nativo agency.

Coca-Cola World Cup 2022

Within 3 months, this campaign has reached more than 1,000,000 engagements and the dwell time was longer than a minute and a half.

To enjoy the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Coca-Cola Mexico launched a campaign using the figures “cabezones”, representing the players from their national football team.

Through scanning a QR code printed on the figure’s box, users access a Web 360 experience set at a football stadium.

Users can visualize the figures of the 23 players in Augmented Reality and learn more about each one. They can also choose them for a penalty kick game: upon winning, they access a Web AR with a photo opportunity with the cup.

The technology of this campaign is powered by the 8th Wall solutions and the figures of the players were created by CAPSA.

More information in the Auggie Awards official site.