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The experience and knowledge obtained during this time have positioned CamOn as one of the world’s leading immersive technology companies.

The company which was founded on December 12, 2014, by Damián Alcalá, Pepe Marriot, and Federico Zaiatz has celebrated its 8th anniversary in the Augmented Reality industry.

CamOn’s first major milestone was in 2015 when the new company got the attention of Wayra, the Open Innovation Hub of Telefónica’s Movistar. Wayra is active in more than 10 countries, including Germany, Brazil, and Spain.

A bit later, CamOn added another major investor, Globant Ventures, Globant’s startup accelerator that seeks to promote Argentine technology in the world. This company is present in more than 40 cities in 20 countries.

CamOn has also received support from Parallel 18, STB Singapore, Digital Catapult, and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Argentina throughout its journey. Such support undoubtedly boosted their growth as they reached their current position in the market.

Currently, CamOn has developed more than 500 Augmented Reality projects for more than 200 companies such as Disney, Telefónica, AB InBev, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Nike, L’Oréal, Globant, and Publicis, among others. This is how the company managed to scale its technology globally, expanding its solutions to more than 20 countries in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia, such as the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, England, Germany, and Singapore.

In addition, during these years, CamOn generated Augmented Reality experiences for more than 10 different verticals such as mass consumption, entertainment, food and beverage, advertising, education, retail, automotive, health, education, and customer service.

Undoubtedly, CamOn’s tremendous growth has paralleled the technology and solutions it provides. In the company’s early days, the only way to access an Augmented Reality experience was through a mobile application. At this time, the company provided solutions through its platform, adopting the name “CamOnApp”.

Today, Augmented Reality can be experienced directly from the web browser, changing the situation significantly. It is no longer necessary to use an application to access an immersive experience, which explains the company’s rebranding in November when it was simply renamed CamOn.

These advances have enabled CamOn to expand and diversify the types of immersive experiences it offers its customers. Today, the company has 3.0 solutions such as Web 360, a 360-degree virtual space where users can access a wide range of interactions including Augmented Reality integrations. The company also develops experiences such as Social XR, a technology that lets users create filters for social networks and AR ads, which consist of digital advertisements with Augmented Reality.

In addition to these types of experiences, here is a sampling of what else CamOn offers its clients: SLAM, a solution that allows different virtual objects to be placed in physical space at real scale; AR 3D Viewer, in which objects are visualized in 3D and their characteristics are displayed from all angles; Image Tracking, a solution that activates Augmented Reality when applied to product packaging and printed graphics.

As a result of this great evolution, the company’s team has also grown. Today it is made up of more than 30 experts who are passionate about immersive technologies, 3D design, and product development. They are working together every day to create innovative projects.

All these achievements coupled with over 8 years of experience currently position CamOn not only as a pioneer in the development of Augmented Reality solutions but also as a leader and innovator in the immersive technologies industry.