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The benefits offered by immersive technologies enhance traditional marketing campaigns, and for this reason, an increasing number of brands are deciding to incorporate these kinds of experiences into their initiatives.

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines the virtual world with the real world, allowing for countless new opportunities in communication. Its potential lies in its ability to capture the attention, interest, and recall of users.

The opportunities Augmented Reality offers are not going unnoticed by leading consumer brands around the world: 64% have already invested in the development of immersive experiences to enhance their marketing efforts. In this way, Augmented Reality is successfully positioning itself as a strategic ally for companies’ marketing and advertising campaigns.

In this article, we will explore success stories of brands that have used Augmented Reality to enhance their marketing campaigns for special dates.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Mother’s Day Campaign

To commemorate Mother’s Day in Mexico, KFC with Rodada Films, created a Web AR Jukebox that celebrates Mom. When consumers bought a Chicken Bucket at KFC, they could scan a QR and project a jukebox in their space.

By interacting with the player, users could listen to 5 different songs that included special messages for mothers. This experience was designed to make the Mom Bucket campaign more interactive in an innovative way by incorporating Augmented Reality.

Hellmann’s and Saladitas: Lent Campaign

Hellmann’s® and Saladitas® Gamesa® came together in the campaign “Pueblando por México“, which recognizes the culinary diversity of Lent in the different regions of the country as well as its touristic importance.

Through a 360° Web experience, users have the opportunity to take an immersive tour of a Magical Town in Mexico, access interactive games, watch videos of the campaign and download a digital recipe book. The invitation is for users to prepare these delicious recipes at home and rediscover the country through its flavors.

The experience was shared on social networks and generated great audience participation during its promotion.

Fanta: Halloween Campaign

Fanta developed a 360 web experience to create engagement and awareness with their consumers. The project was carried out together with the Starcom agency and was published on digital campaigns and offline media.

Inside the 360 space, users find a roulette with 6 Augmented Reality experiences: a spider, a pumpkin, a witch’s hat, a bat, a ghost and a skull. By selecting them, users can see them in their surroundings, and take a photo.

In addition, consumers gain access to a haunted mansion with the challenge of finding the 10 hidden pumpkins in less than a minute to win.