What should we change so as to make a traditional packaging more attractive for clients? Ilolay started asking this question to redesign their milk carton. That is why the firm called Tridimage, a firm specialised in packaging design who jointly with CamOnApp, the augmented reality platform created a new product that may call their clients attention.

What is it about? The milk company from Santa Fe now offers a new resource: if the product is scanned with a smartphone, it opens the possibilities of information available for the client telling them the virtues of each one of their functional milk ilolay thanks to the CamOnApp augmented reality App.

All in all, it is a digital project for a traditional firm reaching more than 30 countries established in 1928. With this new experience, the trademark proposes a new bonding with the clients, who at the same time will have a new channel of communication with the product.

Unity is strength

Following the firm interest on innovation and leadership in creative proposals for an essential channel such as packaging, Tridimage and CamOnApp teamed up their creative teams for the purpose of taking packaging a further step this 2018. The first experience was in the end of last year when they offered agent clients interactive champagne bottles through augmented reality. Now with ilolay the formula for success is repeated.

Download CamOnApp for free from Google Play or Apple Store, scan the new ilolay cartons and discover the interactive contents through augmented reality.

For more information about more cases developed between CamOnApp and Tridimage, follow this link