Augmented Reality and music: allied in entertainment


To take a step further in interactive editorial content and add value to the experience of the Lollapalooza Argentina Festival, the Billboard and Galera magazines incorporated augmented reality in their April editions. Billboard edited a pocket-sized number in which through CamOnApp, attendees to the mega event of international music that took place at San Isidro’s Hipòdromo, were able to access different contents that included line up of shows, videos of the Artists and lists of Spotify. With a very simple scan of the cover of the mini magazine Billboard, the assistants could revive the experience Lollapalooza Argentina.
Galera magazine, on the other hand, chose the artist The XX to promote Lollapalooza contents and to anticipate tracks of the disc that were going to present during the recital.
It is important to emphasize that this is the first time that a festival of international relevance has augmented reality developments in the region. CamOnApp carried out this challenge thanks to the versatility of the application that supports multiple formats and various contents of interest in the industry.
This development that explores one of the many alternatives that Augmented Reality has as a way of communicating messages opens the door to new markets such as entertainment, in which other international players have already made advances.

Some applications that the Augmented Reality can have in the entertainment industry range from movie trailer trailers, ticket purchase links, interviews with participating artists, recital photo gallery, backstage content. A system that encompasses the entire entertainment experience and the instances involved in this process.