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Immersive technologies have incredible potential in this field: a study reveals that customer service will lead the investment in Augmented Reality, reaching USD 4 billion by 2024.

With the fast paced evolution of technology, society is also evolving. Therefore, it is key for companies to keep up with the cutting edge advances of technology to stay connected to the public. 

Human behavior has changed, especially since the pandemic. Nowadays, users value fluid and unstructured experiences, which don’t require effort but are effective in solving problems. 

Regarding this matter, immersive technology is a strategic ally, not to be underestimated while attending to consumers’ needs. Within immersive technologies, Augmented Reality stands out for its accessibility and easy use since users only need a cellular phone and a link to enter such experiences. 

The potential of customer services with immersive technologies is shown in a recent IDC study, according to which, customer service will lead the investment in Augmented Reality, reaching 4 billion dollars by 2024.

Augmented Reality allows companies to provide interactive and innovative instructions and recommendations for their products and services, resulting in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of their services.

Also, it provides a very realistic experience where the client can virtually interact with a product or service and access important information. This provides greater clarity in the explanation (especially in situations where the customer cannot see the object or service in person).

It is also important to note that this solution can be utilized  both internally and externally by organizations. As a successful example of this double use, we can mention Salesforce, the American software company, which invested in Augmented Reality for both agents, to assist clients, and technicians, to receive remote assistance from experts.

This reinforces the idea of Augmented Reality as a strong training tool. However, its use is not limited to the education field, but can also be used to maximize productivity in companies and to improve their user experience.

Telefónica case

CamOn XR and Telefónica are pioneers in the development of Augmented Reality experiences for customer service. Since 2019, they have worked together creating many cases, constantly amplifying and improving the solutions they offer consumers. 

The latest campaign began in early 2023 and includes millions of users in Argentina, Chile and Colombia. In this campaign, users can find instructions to install devices at home, information about services and how to best use their devices. 

You can learn more about this experience through the case section on our website.