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A startup is CamOn National Betting Augmented Reality a paragraph all Vertical Market, from advertising to education. Development focused on content and services it-yourself, operate in the region and its looking to expand horizons.

Augmented reality, although there for a while, he hits a huge qualitative and quantitative leap with the explosion of global megahit Pokemon Go. This application showed that well used, augmented reality is a disruptive technology that can revolutionize any category.

Born in 2014, but operating effectively since 2015, Argentina CamOn is the application you want to sneak in all areas and combine the analog and digital worlds with a bridge called augmented reality. “Augmented reality is a technology that combines real-world environments with virtual or digital elements thus creating a mixed reality in real time. This technology allows you to add virtual elements to the existing reality to create audiovisual experiences enriched “explained from the company.

“We founded the company with an initial capital of the three partners together around $30,000 to start and then receive the support of Wayra in a second round of investment”, says Damian Alcala, CEO and co-founder of the startup. Today operate in our country and in the region.

CamOn service is basically to provide added value to various products and services through an enhancement of the consumer experience. This was the case with his work with Ohlala magazine, La Nación and others. Where the company proposes that consumers can access extra content from your smartphone thanks to a scan tool with a special code.

Since the company say that “we had a presence in 70 caps and reached 5 million readers”. Is a new dawn for virtual reality? The CEO of the startup says that “applications like Pokemon Go help educate people about technology”, which eventually makes it easier adoption.

The business model of the company is, on the one hand, the generation of specific content for the customer.  And, on the other hand, selling a kit do-it-yourself in the form of a web platform that allows users, media and advertisers to create their own content, campaigns or ads with augmented reality.

What’s next

“Next year comes the first run the country from books to secondary schools augmented reality” forward Alcala and explains that many other developments are very promising especially in sectors such as tourism (which would have travel brochures augmented reality) and heavy industry (with a focus on interactive tutorials). Meanwhile, CamOn is closing talks with drinks and candy companies, because according to their CEO understands” a very promising future for our service is in consumer products”.

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