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Augmented Reality is limitless: the groundbreaking solutions that this technology offers companies are increasingly surprising. In this article we tell you about the most innovative and effective opportunities to make the most of its potential.

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing the digital world, and for this reason, it has become one of today’s most important technologies. A few years ago no one would have imagined that interacting with digital content in the physical world would be possible. However, this technology has achieved that and is aiming for more.

In simple terms, Augmented Reality allows superimposing virtual content onto the physical world, through electronic devices such as cell phones or tablets. In this way, AR adds a layer of digital and interactive content to the real world. This means it can be used to improve a training or sales process, among many other things.

In addition, consumer behavior, which had already begun changing years ago and was accelerated by the pandemic, allowed users to seek effortless but effective and engaging digital experiences to interact with companies.

In this way, Augmented Reality is becoming an essential tool for companies that want to provide the best possible experience for their customers and work teams:

Augmented Reality for onboarding for companies

One of the main uses that companies are giving to Augmented Reality today is the onboarding experience for new employees. This solution improves the induction process, as it is completely innovative for its users, who are not only spectators but can also participate in the experience.

Such is the case of Globant, which entrusted CamOn with the creation of an experience for Globers joining the company. Along with the welcome kit, they receive a QR code that gives them access to an interactive Web AR/360 where they can watch videos of the leaders, as well as learn about the company’s values and history.

In addition, the experience features a chill-out room where Globers can participate in a trivia game, access a welcome Spotify playlist and Globant podcasts.

Creation of 3.0 virtual spaces

Web 3.0 is a new generation of the web that seeks to create a greater level of interaction with its users. It can include a wide range of content including, for example, three-dimensional spaces and objects.

In this context, CamOn and Eter Studio created Le Banana Space, a 360° virtual space that can be viewed from the web browser and includes Augmented Reality, where users have the possibility of performing a wide range of actions.

When entering the virtual space, users can enjoy an NFT gallery and access their creator’s profiles. They can also participate in the launch of the accessories collection of a well-known brand, having the opportunity to see and try on the garments by using Instagram filters with Augmented Reality technology. 

In addition, users can listen to a special playlist with music from new artists and participate to win amazing prizes.

Educational campaigns

Augmented Reality offers a great number of benefits for education that result in more effective and entertaining learning for users. That’s why this technology is also attractive for brands that want to add a plus to their consumers’ experience, providing them with unique and enriching experiences. 

This was the case of NIDO. When launching their Explorers Collection of powdered milk cans, they decided to create different Augmented Reality experiences to reach out to children in an original way.

The campaign consisted in different lithographed cans, containing QR codes associated either with jungle, ocean, arctic or space-themed experiences. For each of them, a Web 360° was developed with entertaining and educational content.