#1 Lapse: an arty trip throughout Miami´s architecture

Artist Ivan Toth Depeña created this augmented reality app in which the outer space of the city of Miami becomes a canvas where you can discover murals in movement in brick walls, phrases scattered in the sky of free form, or psychedelic sounds that flow through the headphones.
But it doesn´t end there: another jewel of the app is called The Visions, a collection of virtual murals outside Locust Projects, as well as the facade of the Plaza Cultural Plaza of the Miami-Dade Public Library and other locations In downtown Miami. As one holds the application to the pixels on each wall, a dense network of lines, shapes and text will appear on the phone’s screen, blinking and blinking to signify the imperceptible data networks that surround and connect us.

#2 Artlens 2.0: Cleveland Museum of Art brings art to the little ones.

It is an excellent example of how augmented reality can increase visits and diversify public in artistic institutions. With a proposal designed entirely for children to interact with exhibits, Artlens 2.0 uses augmented reality (RA) and Kinect’s natural motion technology to allow visitors to interact and create immersive art experiences. The final result is the following:

#3 Mirages & Miracles handmade art comes to life

Many strange and beautiful moments are lived in Mirages & Miracles, an installation in the Scène Nationale Albi of France that lasted until last 8 of April. Described as “a delicate coincidence between the virtual and the material,” the art exhibition was filled with sculptures and drawings that, seen through an augmented reality device (Microsoft Hololens), flourish with an animated layer of media that tell a different story.