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CamOn developed an Augmented Reality campaign in the packaging of Yogurísimo with Toy Story 4 franchise. With Disney Scan App, the products are used as a new channel to communicate and interact with users.

As part of the release of TOY STORY 4 movie, the new edition of the saga from Disney and Pixar, the packaging’s of Yogurísimo dairy products were rebranded with this theme to offer consumers didactic proposals and augmented reality experiences to enjoy with the whole family.

From June 1st and until September 1st Yogurísimo will be distributing this new limited edition of their yogurts. In the movie, Bonnie creates a new toy called Forky with recycled materials. Therefore, the brand transforms their packs so that each fan, with the power of imagination, can use them to turn them into toys, like puppets and telescopes.

In addition, to enhance the campaign to digital channels  they decided to integrate this proposal with Disney Scan platform. This application developed by CamOn, is available for free in Apple Store and Google Play and works as the digital space to run the different initiatives and actions that Disney creates for their fans with immersive technologies.

In this way, those who enter to Disney Scan App and scan any Toy Story yogurt pack, discovers augmented reality experiences to play and have fun. Each product displays 360 ° content around the user, with photo opportunities with thematic filters, videos from the film, wallpapers to download and much more from the Toy Story 4 universe.

With this type of proposals, new and different experiences are generated for the whole family, bringing innovation to the daily products with formats that entertain.

Scan the image below with Disney Scan App to discover the augmented reality experience!

Watch the video of the experience and the commercial: