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Immersive Ads

The latest solutions for digital advertising and media:
Augmented Reality (AR) and Web 360 Ads.

Web AR Display Ads

Through this banner, users can see the 3D model of a product when they’re browsing the web. They can rotate it 360°, zoom in and out and change its color. They can also project the product onto the real world through Augmented Reality to visualize it in real size, with all the details.

360 Display Ads

This type of ad allows users to explore a 360° environment when browsing the web. When navigating through it, they can learn more about the brand through different interactions such as trivias and quizzes. It’s recommended for virtual stores and games.

Promote your products with Immersive Ads:

Main benefits:

  • Encourages purchase.
  • Improves the online shopping experience.

  • Increases visual attention.

  • Generates more interest and brand recall.

  • Creates higher user retention.

If you are a digital media company you can commercialize this new format on your site to increase your revenues!

Easy to implement

The integration of both Ads on the web is done through an iframe. All you need to do is insert the solution code inside a specified space. In addition, both Web AR and 360 Ads are compatible with desktop and mobile versions.

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Would you like to create Immersive Ads for your brand or your digital media?