The media graphic is uploaded to the augmented reality

How to give more value to the physical media? How do also to find new ways to captivate readers with enriched material comes out literally outside the limits of the paper? More and more print media are experimenting with augmented reality in their publications in order to be more effective in the message and ensure that readers can take advantage of its contents, which can be videos, animations, photo galleries, games or inclusive links with elsewhere.

Brands, in turn, go up to the trend. Only in Argentina, and since 2015, with CamOnApp over 1,500 interactive pages, including newspapers and magazines are made. And how these graphic pieces approach readers and potential customers? 30 percent of what is discovered by “scanning” is advertising. But the other 70 that is, the greater is sort of editorial content more relevant to captivate audiences material and where brands also make their bets.

But… why print media include these tools? Augmented reality allows them to advertisers and expand the physical boundaries and generate an unlimited number of proposals that can become customized and exclusive.

How the experience developed? Brands go to the Content Editor augmented reality CamOnApp to generate their own experiences. There up images (pages) that will be detected by any user app/reader can be downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store. It includes a call to action in the pages of magazines or newspapers so users know they can find additional materials, by scanning with the smartphone users interact with the experience and find relevant content.

The platform allows brands and media obtain statistics as users, scans, such interactions and profiles of those who interacted with experience. More than 100 journal issues were encouraged to include augmented reality on their covers.

Do any of the publishers who have already made experiences combining virtual material real physical environments? Here are some: La Nación, Los Inrockuptibles, DMAG, Fuera de Hora, Galera, G7 Magazine, OHLALÁ, WATT, Living magazine, Rolling Stone, Gossip, Periplo, De Punta, Viva Magazine, BRANDO, Clarin Magazine, Aymag, among others.

Download CamOnApp from the App Store or Google Play and find out more augmented reality experiences.