Niño Gordo and La Carnicería, two trendsetting restaurants in Buenos Aires, presented their new menus and meals with Augmented Reality, inviting diners to participate in an innovative gastronomic experience.

Augmented reality is beginning to step into gastronomy, especially in the presentation of menus and fun initiatives to create a different kind of outing. It is no longer necessary to imagine what the dish we want to order is like or how it will be presented.  Before actually ordering, augmented reality lets you see the food in 3 dimensions as if it were being served at the table.

How restaurants are adopting Augmented Reality?

To implement it, menus, tablecloths and placemats, table tents or any other graphic in the dining environment can be converted into an interactive element. Simple instructions inform users of the possibility and how to access it.

In the case of Niño Gordo and La Carnicería, customers are invited to download CamOnApp from the Apple Store or Google Play and scan the menu, postcards, or coasters to open the immersive content.

Personalized experiences

For Niño Gordo, a geo-based augmented reality experience was created using the restaurant’s location. When entering the Map section of CamOnApp, the user opens a representation of the characteristic red door and enters the main room of the restaurant. In this virtual space there is a table highlighting dishes from the menu in three-dimensional form inviting visitors to get closer and participate in the experience.

On the other hand, La Carnicería made an alliance with the Catena Zapata winery to showcase the wine list, recreating its traditional winery through augmented reality. Users open this space, go through it 360º with their cell phone and see bottle details, such as technical information and description. At the same time, the food menu of dishes has augmented reality opportunities which presents the origin of the restaurant and an interactive animation of the 3 breeds of cattle that they offer: Angus, Holando and Hereford.

Augmented Reality as a innovative proposal in Covid-19 time

As a consequence of the pandemic context, restaurants are affected to open their doors so take-away services are starting to gain relevance. That’s why Augmented Reality is a key ally for places like Niño Gordo and La Carnicería. Having this type of virtual experience encourages engagement and closeness with their customers and also prevents them of losing the magic of their favorite food place.

Check-out the video of the AR experience
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