Fashion and technology come together in this special OHLALÁ!


“This new edition of OHLALÁ! FASHION you about the trend, which is used and thousands of ideas so you can stop the rat race and enjoy their pages with time. So you can read, watch, inform, choose. But we also got to change and now have the possibility to access more information from the pages of the magazine. With only download an App and scan each page (…) you have more content to enjoy. View, scans and enters the online world OHLALÁ! FASHION”.

The writer is Teresa Elizalde, Director of the magazine, in an editorial of April 2016. It was the official presentation of the latest trends special autumn-winter coming out every year. This year, OHLALA! I wanted to do something different and that each of the pages allow users to have more content, adding new media from which you can see on paper.

They used technology to convert CamOnApp interactive objects and images of the real world. Thanks to this platform, the publisher could create new experiences. Readers down the app and could learn more in-depth fashion designers who were interviewed for this special issue. They could know the address of their local and listen to them directly with additional content that appeared in the pages of OHLALÁ! FASHION.

But the best, no doubt, was the ability to access a gallery of images of the different lookbooks appearing. For example, from an image you could know in depth of who the garments out how each of them and even had an option to share the clothes with family, friends and acquaintances. In total, the number counted 8 editorial pages with interactive augmented reality technology.

The publication thus gained a lot of interactivity with their readers which benefited from the additional and relevant content featuring the magazine. The paper space was boundless!

The data reflect the success of the initiative. Between visits to lookbooks, video views and visualizations, there were more than 40,000 interactions with content uploaded to the platform. An experience, so relevant and complete, promises repeated later.

Download CamOnApp from the App Store or Google Play and find out more augmented reality experiences.