Interactive catalogs with augmented reality

The old catalog, which occasionally reaches each house over the weekend, which comes wrapped in the Sunday paper, which is at the beginning of a supermarket, the same catalog is companies like Carrefour are changing to make it more interactive and efficient.

How? Through the plataform of augmented reality CamOnApp. In its first edition, the catalog had an exclusive discount for users who go down CamOnApp (the app that lets you scan print media and objects, among other things) in addition to virtual testers, videos, links to shopping cart, animations and comparators of products.

The objetive of the campaign was to generate better user engagement with the catalog taking advantage of the physical abilities of the same, which is essential to start the interactive experience. The idea was that users could have more information when buying the product and comparing different options. For the brand was an opportunity to better attract customers by offering virtual testers, product gallery, links to direct purchase, possibility of discounts and special promotions.

Customers, meanwhile, could access such content immediately and effectively from the smartphone, without wasting time or need to use another device for more information.

Thanks to this type of use can be achieved considerably increases the interaction time and sales during its term.

In the coming months, the company will continue releasing other content in the same format. In past experiences, Compumundo, Samsung and CamOnApp also created such experiences in which users could find different types of interactivity from the brochures that could be found on the premises.

Download CamOnApp from the App Store or Google Play and find out more augmented reality experiences.