Interactive bottles for Brahma Paraguay

Brahma Paraguay launched the “Returnable Anecdotes” (“Anécdotas Retornables“) campaign, turning the small bottle (Brahmita) into an interactive product through augmented reality.

The campaign was launched in October 2016 in social networks, TV, graphic media, social networks and public roads in Paraguay.

The campaign consists of watching and uploading videos telling anecdotes. The videos are uploaded to the Brahma Paraguay Facebook Fan Page and can be seen scraping the bottle label with CamOnApp. Selected anecdotes can win prizes such as a mini cooler and products.

The protagonist of the campaign is a Guru who explains how to participate in the campaign.

The instructions are: 1) Capture a video anecdote. 2) Send it by private message to the Fan Page of Brahma Paraguay. 3) If the anecdote is selected, the label of the bottle with CamOnApp can be scanned.

This is the first case in augmented reality product that is made in the region between CamOnApp and Brahma Paraguay.

We share one of the videos promoted in social networks.

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