CamOnApp developed augmented reality experiences for the new campaign of Centro Cultural Recoleta: #IMAGINÓDROMO. Discover them in the artistic interventions of Luis Pescetti and Gabriel Fermanelli.

On July 19 Imaginódromo was launched: the new campaign for kids and teens at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The proposal invites to enhance the imagination with a program of more than 250 activities such as workshops, exhibitions, talks and augmented reality experiences!

This initiative convenes the writer Luis Pescetti, who wrote the Imagination´s Guide, with eight tips to liberate creativity and the power of imagination. Each of them was interpreted by the cartoonist and animator Gabriel Fermanelli, who created a universe of different characters for the art of this campaign and who take the historical front of the Recoleta Cultural Center with a new great mural.

Also to continue encouraging interaction with visitors, CamOnApp, the leading company in immersive technologies, transformed through its platform the art of murals, agendas, posters and merchandising into augmented reality experiences.

First, users have to download CamOnApp from Google Play or Apple Store and then scan with the mobile the art of the campaign to discover the interactions and 3D animations of the characters. In addition, its available the feature to place the figures in real scale and record videos or take pictures with the protagonists of the art.

“I’m interested in transmitting that you have to work and develop the imagination and that if we stimulate it, it can grow” says Fermanelli. Therefore, during July and August “Imaginódromo” in Recoleta Cultural Center invites to exercise and test the imagination with proposals that gather together the real world and digital through art.

Watch more on the video:

Download CamOnApp and scan the image below to discover the experience:

3D animación realidad aumentada

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