With Augmented Reality rapidly progressing as a technological solution, there are always more new ways to experience it. The options range from social network filters, to eCommerce product testers, to AR experiences that can be navigated directly from the web, without the need for an app.

What are the advantages of incorporating these types of formats? The key word is engagement. This term establishes the relationship between a brand and its audience. It implies good positioning and communication management, resulting in positive, long-lasting experiences that generate brand loyalty.

It has been demonstrated that Augmented Reality allows brands to connect directly with their consumers and create memorable content with their products, events and activations. The great advantage of this technology is that the only thing required to access it is a cell phone and the inspiration to interact. That’s why we want to show you 3 engagement ideas that will inspire your next initiatives and help promote your brand through innovative formats:

3D It

You can make the products, characters, or key emblems of your brand come to life through Augmented Reality. By pointing your phone’s camera at a flat surface in your surroundings, you can position any object in 3D and make it part of your world.

mickey 3D realidad aumentada


Campaigns that include immersive experiences tend to generate much more impact and audience participation. Therefore, it is key to take advantage of special dates to generate creative and entertaining branding content to continually refresh the brand’s image.

Keep in mind that there are still these key days in the calendar to execute this type of action: Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, vacations, and anniversaries, among others.

halloween realidad aumentada

To celebrate Halloween while gaining visibility through ease of sharing, you could create a brand-based Instagram and Facebook filter. This adds new form of personalized expression to your account.


Since we only need a hand-held device to see Augmented Reality experiences, it is very easy to incorporate playful actions or mini-games into marketing campaigns, avoiding the need for large physical structures or facilities. By generating a single AR graphic, an initiative can easily be extended to different points of sale, regions or communication channels.

You can propose time challenges, roulette with prizes, memory tests, puzzles, trivia and much more!

disney realidad aumentada

The renowned UK toy store The Entertainer invited customers entering the store to play a “treasure hunt”. They hid graphics with Frozen 2 branding in the aisles.  When scanned, they displayed special film content including videos, wallpapers, filters, and more. The slogan encouraged visitors to find the 5 triggers to gain access to an exclusive game and a discount coupon on products. This experience also featured a home component, allowing parents to hide graphics around the house and have fun with their little ones. 


Opportunities to create actions with immersive technologies extend the horizons towards new experiences and platforms. If you want to move forward with an Augmented Reality project, we can give you expert guidance tailored to your needs and objectives. Write to us at ads@camonapp.com. We will be happy to help you take the first steps!


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